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To dismantle systems of inequality in the greater Charlotte area by building resilience, resources, and relationships that bring purpose into collective action to create a united community.


To see mutual aid in the community and culture of the city of Charlotte through collective action and solidarity.


Greater Charlotte Area Mutual Aid (GCAMA) launched in response to the growing coronavirus pandemic. The impacts of this public health crisis on our community are manifold, with homeless shelters experiencing a shortage of supplies, local businesses going under, and individuals left in compromising, vulnerable, and isolating circumstances. 

The mission of GCA Mutual Aid is to serve individual and community needs during this state of local, national, and global emergency. We aim to accomplish this through facilitating community using our 3R Framework for Solidarity: Resilience, Resources, & Relationships. We believe it takes a community to come together and support each other through solidarity to affect real and meaningful change. GCAMA is not a typical charitable organization. Our work attempts to break away from traditional models of nonprofit organizations to provide equitable support for all members in our community. While both traditional nonprofits work to address the impacts of social inequality, mutual aid attempts to dismantle the systems that create these inequalities in the first place.

Ultimately, we hope to facilitate a space where community members can help each other through solidarity — together.




Our community has been greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to help our community to come together and support one each other so that we can emerge from the pandemic as a strong and unified Charlotte community.


Instead of relying on top-down or charitable approaches, we want to provide resources from within our community, contributing to the mutual benefit of our community members. These contributions don't have to be financial; community members can support each other with something as simple as meaningful conversations.


The essence of our mutual aid work is in the relationships we form. We value every person as a contributing member to our community, and we want to develop meaningful connections not only to help each other but also to create a community of care and radical hospitality.